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The accepted breed standard throughout the world for the recognised colours for the GSD reads thus:



Black or black saddle with tan, or gold to light grey markings. All black, all grey, with lighter or brown markings referred to as Sables. Nose black. Light markings on chest or very pale colour on inside of legs permissible but undesirable, as are whitish nails, red-tipped tails or wishy-washy faded colours defined as lacking in pigmentation. Blues, livers, albinos, whites (i.e. almost pure white dogs with black noses) and near whites highly undesirable. Undercoat, except in all black dogs, usually grey or fawn. Colour in itself is of secondary importance having no effect on character or fitness for work. Final colour of a young dog only ascertained when outer coat has developed.


However over the years there has become an influx of different colours. These colours, apart from one have been there since the breed began but breeders either culled or placed the puppy without registrations or de-sexed them. This ensuring they were not bred from in the future.


Under the coat colour the dog, give or take is essentially the same as the recognised coloured dog. Should the 'coloured' dogs be allowed breed, should they be more accepted in the main stream especially by the governing bodies who divise our breed standards? or should they be hidden away, culled, de-sexed and not bred from because they are NOT the right colour?

There are many theories that assert the coloured dogs are more prone to disease and hereditory disorders. The jury is still out on whether or not this is fact or fiction.


Below are some examples of the different non-recognised colours which have become 'fashionable' over the last few years.


The White German Shepherd

The Blonde German Shepherd


The Cream German Shepherd

The Liver German Shepherd

The Solid Blue German Shepherd

A White GSD with birthmark


AND last but by no means least


Black & White Panda pup



Feel free to comment on any of the above or on what your feelings are about the non recognised colours. Should they be allowed to be used for breeding or should they be de-sexed and non registered?



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I think that as long as the dog has the correct coat type for work and is of sound mind and body and has correct confirmation and all health checks are done and are acceptable than it should be allowed to be bred with all those colours are there in all pedigrees if anyone wants to bother and go and look real deep into the so called top kennels in this country but they dont like to admit it to me if the dog can work and has the correct confirmation I cannot fault it on its colour.

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